Elaina Marie creates resources and experiences to empower individuals to live their happiest lives at home and at work.

She believes it is every individual’s responsibility to get the resources they need and deserve to contribute to what she calls, “our happiness ecosystem.” She believes that a happier and healthier world starts with each and every one of us.

Today, she applies her research and experience to the workplace, a challenging arena to balance two core requirements or true happiness: making a living with authenticity.

Through employee engagement and leadership coaching, she helps leaders and employees authentically contribute in ways that maximize personal and professional fulfillment. On that foundation, companies are guided to maximize profitability and provide services and products that enrich customers’ lives, all while contributing positively to our economy.

Elaina is the author of Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead. She is also a co-creator of ub:inspired, the social platform that connects others through shared interests, goals and aspirations.


After thirty years of living a life driven by fear and designed around perceived security, Elaina began to seek more fulfillment. Going through the motions wasn’t enough. Happiness seemed to be more confusing than comforting, and her quest began to seek greater depth from life.

Through deep personal work, she began to shed layers of dysfunction and distraction that had kept parts of her true self buried. Rays of personal freedom began to illuminate the areas that she still longed for. She stalked instagram to live vicariously through others’ inspiring activities, and finally got fed up with thinking that “they” got to have that life while she was stuck in the day-to-day. ub:inspired was born, and through brainstorming marketing opportunities, she began to try more inspiring things.

Inspiration was compounding the more she focused on it, and fundamental differences between the happiness we’ve come to know, expect and accept began to arise. She began writing on her phone’s notepad as ideas and themes came into alignment.

Wanting to share this new take on the power of inspiration and the avoidable side effects of the pursuit of happiness, she wrote Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead. She quit her job to budget backpack in South America with her husband for three months.

She returned home as an entrepreneur to build a purpose-driven business that aligns her strengths with her “calling.”

Her commitment to share the incredible power of inspiration rests in wanting everyone to be empowered to live their happiest life, creating an inspiring and happy world for all.


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