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Have you ever felt uncomfortable delivering negative feedback so you avoided providing feedback altogether?

Your employees are missing out, and you’re missing out on results!

Have you ever felt awkward giving feedback that you’re just grateful you got the words out, even if the employee didn’t seem to handle it well or end up delivering better results? 

There’s a better way!

Even on what seems like small feedback moments, it’s natural to hope the employee will turn around on their own someday without us having to “be the bearer of bad news.” 

Without feedback, your employees will rarely get better on their own. They need you to help them be better, and you need them to be better so you can achieve results.


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The core concepts of the COACH ME acronym will be your guide to prepping for casual and serious feedback conversations.

You’ll also be able to integrate this content into your professional leadership style and personal communication approach to strengthen your ability to get the results you want in every day life.

After this course, you’ll be able to better engage your employees, hold them accountable, and feel more comfortable and confident doing so.


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