Are your middle managers hurting your company’s growth because you aren’t investing in theirs?


Everything from employee retention, productivity and and engaged workforce stem from the effectiveness of your middle managers.

If you don’t have time to give them consistent coaching and real-time scenario support, they will likely keep doing exactly what they’re doing. This means leaving your company vulnerable to competitors with missed or messed up client opportunities because your most customer-facing employees are those middle managers oversee.


Your middle managers need:







And imagine…



That’s exactly why we thoughtfully designed these coaching programs with multiple learning, coaching and feedback opportunities.

Modeled after successful programs that serve C-level executives, this program is designed to meet the specific leadership development needs of middle managers.

Lasting, enriching and impactful change is only achieved through practice, requiring the right environment and feedback loops to establish core leadership behavior norms and guide continuous improvement.









Our SKILLS + INTEGRATION coaching programs are thoughtfully designed to meet the growing needs of high-potential managers whose development will result in the biggest impact on your company’s performance.

Why invest in leadership development for your middle managers?



 SAVE VALUABLE EXECUTIVE TIME: This program will save valuable executive and senior manager coaching time without sacrificing needed employee development.

 KEEP YOUR COMPANY CULTURE COMPETITIVE: Company culture is the new competitive advantage, and your managers create your culture. Just like one poor manager can crush your culture, one inspiring leader can inspire positive cultural change and bring out the best in others.

 IMPROVE EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Since employees quit their manager, ensuring your managers are compelling and effective leaders is the easiest way to drive employee retention.

 DRIVE PROFITS: Great leaders increase three key profit drivers: engagement, productivity and fulfillment. Stronger leadership is known to positively increase these crucial metrics for both the leader and their direct reports, opening new profit potential.

 LONG-TERM INTEGRATION: Our purpose is to provide leadership development to HiPo middle managers in a format that increases skill-building, problem-solving and integration in a supportive and accountable environment.


What does coaching offer that the workplace doesn’t?


Without feedback, we continue to do the same things. Without being exposed to different ways to do things, we never know how to approach something differently or what we’re capable of.

If you’re a busy executive or senior manager, you may not have enough time to provide the coaching and feedback opportunities to your hi-po middle managers. If you don’t find a way to develop them, growing your company’s revenue can be halted by the pace of your managers’ professional growth.

That’s why this leadership development program is designed as a combination of skill-building and leveraging three sources (1-1, core group and only community) of timely feedback.


I want to participate! But how do I get my boss on board?

You don’t need to be approved for the program to apply.  

Here’s a helpful email template to make your request!

Request for Leadership Development email template




MODULE 1: Leadership-Level Communication

Bring confidence, clarity and curiosity to your communication approach. Learn key communication skills to effortlessly inspire action, accountability and engagement.


MODULE 2: Holding Employees Accountable

Ditch the traditional approach to accountability that makes employees get defensive, feel discouraged and disengage. Instead, use the Inspiring Accountability approach to effectively hold employees accountable for expectations, goals and results while helping them stay receptive, empowered and engaged.


MODULE 3: Providing Leadership-Level Feedback

Feedback has a critical purpose in the workplace: to create better results. So why is providing feedback one of a manager’s most challenging tasks?

Learn how to get comfortable providing positive and negative (Pivotal) feedback that creates engagement, productivity and fulfillment – and results!

– Positive: Recognition and rewards best practices

– Negative (Pivotal): A Neurochemical-based approach to coaching for behavior modification


MODULE 4: Managing Overwhelm

Overwhelm can become part of your culture if you don’t know how to manage it. Whether for yourself or an employee, don’t let burnout ruin your team of high-achievers or drive your culture.

Learn the mindset and tools to help keep people engaged and productive without the toxicity of overwhelm.


MODULE 5: Humanizing Your Team

From emotional intelligence to the platinum rule of treating others the way they want to be treated, today’s top company’s honor authenticity, empathy and the employee experience.

But how do you navigate a team member’s personality and emotions when they inevitably spill into workplace issues?

Using the foundations of previous modules, learn how to apply them with a new level of self-awareness.


MODULE 6: Group Choice

Final training topic will be voted on by group.


12 MONTH PROGRAM: Additional topics will be decided by group

Topics may include:


  • Removing the Fear of Delegating (and Resisting the Allure of Micromanaging)
  • Your Personal Brand (and What it Takes to Show Up As Your Best Self)
  • Creating Time Management Best Practices for your Team
  • Cultivating a Sense of Ownership (without the Pitfalls of Over-Ownership)
  • Helping Employees Overcome Resistance to Change
  • The Leadership Microscope: Balancing Transparency, Authenticity and Influence When All Eyes Are On You
  • Work-Life Integration
  • Contribution Management: The New and Improved Performance Management
  • Inter-Generational Dynamics in the Workplace

Does your company have 5+ qualified managers?

I can facilitate an internal customized group coaching or leadership academy for you.


Elaina was a VP of Marketing for seven years before writing her first book and diving into studying what it means to be an inspiring leader and cultivate engaged, productive and fulfilled employees.

She helps middle managers become effective leaders by combining her experience in leading a team and company to new heights, her vision for workplaces being a place to enjoy spending more than half of your life, and her investment in education and professional development in the fields of Leadership and Coaching.

Elaina is working on her second book, Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace, and keynotes on leadership and workplace topics.

“Elaina’s ability to bring clarity to challenging issues is impressive. She asks the right questions that open the door to new ideas and possibilities. She balances professionalism with a warm demeanor that makes it easy to trust her. Her insight is consistently spot on, and she is a talented coach that will surely have you and your employees feeling more empowered, engaged and fulfilled.”

-David Scott, President & CEO, Scott Technology Group

“Elaina is an incredible leadership coach, the kind of coach that today’s middle managers need! Her energy is positive and uplifting and she has a keen way of helping her client gain clarity and confidence in resolving workplace challenges. She helped me effectively navigate a difficult workplace issue with a whole new perspective and a drastically improved approach that continues to benefit me and my team.”

-Maureen, Assistant Manager

“I was questioning if management was really for me. I was tired of being the bearer of bad news and the one to critique work. After just one hour, I could envision how I could love my job again!”

-Janel, Manager

Is this the right program for me/my employee?


1-1 Coaching or the Skills + Integration program are designed for middle managers who manage two or more employees and whose potential is being under-utilized because of a lack of leadership training or support. You are likely between the ages of 28-40 and may be in your first five years of management (neither of which is a requirement).

If you are an experienced manager who wants to work with me in some capacity, let’s customize something for you. Email me here:

If you are a new manager that doesn’t exactly fit above, you may be a good fit depending on your background and previous personal or professional development. Apply, and let’s talk about the best option for you. Either way, I’m happy to learn more about the challenges you’re facing and see if I can be of service or refer you elsewhere.


Why combine 1-1, Group and Online community coaching?



Group coaching and an online forum is an intentional addition to 1-1 coaching. This model is designed to create quick access to in-the-moment challenges. No more waiting one month for another coaching session once an issue has already passed. When we practice new approaches in the moment, our learning and integration is far more powerful than “what could I have done better.” 

A group environment becomes a powerful feedback loop from objective peers. There is an additional perspective and value from watching peers navigate challenges. We can often see perspectives through others’ challenges that are more difficult to see in our own. Through group learning, we develop a curious and empathetic approach to navigating leadership challenges.

Through this model, leaders participate in functional team dynamics, which is a practice in itself of interacting positively and effectively in a team environment.

Participants also feel less alone and a sense of belonging as we work through challenges together. They can create a lasting support network as they learn and grow together.

I need results quickly. Why isn’t this a quick 10-week online crash course?



Because of this highly-interactive and frequent-feedback model, participants (and their colleagues) will see results quickly.

It’s not the learning that’s challenging – it’s the practice. Integration happens in practicing new ways to address challenges so change happens in the doing, not just left as hindsight. That’s why we ensure enough coaching and feedback opportunities over a period of time to integrate proactively (highly effective) instead of ponder retroactively (not as effective).

Feedback and Accountability are built in when you’re part of a six or 12 month program, and these programs specifically offer 30 minute accountability debriefs to keep participants practicing. Additionally, these sessions allow for peers to connect through sharing their newfound best-practices while troubleshooting together. Finally, being in a longer-term accountable environment changes a participant’s understanding of what it means to be accountable, how to express its value, and how to ask the same of others.

Our leadership learning model is designed intentionally to provide three different learning approaches to accelerate understanding, skill-building and integration:

  • Learn core leadership skills learning modules, with one topic taught and discussed each month
  • Leverage group coaching to develop a curious and empathetic mindset to approaching and solving leadership challenges
  • Accelerate skill integration with 1-1 Leadership Coaching to receive customized support and be held accountable for individual leadership development


WANT TO KNOW OUR WHY? Our vision it to make the world a happier place through improving employees’ daily and overall experience at work. We dream that someday every employee will come home feeling great about where they work because of their fulfilling contribution in effort and engagement to their company, customers and fellow team members.



What is your investment guarantee?




Rest assured, we stand by the quality of our training and coaching. We commit to give you and your employees 100% value in every interaction.

We also carefully screen applicants to ensure they have the drive and commitment to participate, practice and make the most of your investment in their professional development. 

If at any point you feel that we didn’t do everything feasible to provide you fair value for your investment, we’ll do what it takes to make it right. Period.





What if my employee has to miss a session?

 Groups will determine the schedule that works best for their participants to ensure an ideal meeting time is chosen.

If an unforeseen change happens, we will do our best to supplement the information as best as possible. This may mean attending the same training topic with another group, discussing the content with a group peer, reviewing online material, and/or incorporating it into 1-1 coaching. Your employee will also be part of the 30 minute debrief during the following meeting.

We will not refund a missed class, and it is important that every effort is made to attend. Additionally, we will do our best to support learning and integrating all the program content in special circumstances.






What if my employee leaves mid-program?

 When a company pays for enrollment, remaining services will be transferable to another employee.

When an individual pays for enrollment, remaining services will be delivered to the individual, potentially on another date.


Are there payment options?


Payments must be made in full to encourage full commitment and participation. For Group Coaching Programs, groups are intended to become mini-communities for peer mentorship and support. Please only apply if you are interested in participating for the full length of the program, which will both benefit other group participants and support you with optimized results.

If you are fully committed, but face extenuating circumstances, please contact me directly to explore if different payment options can be made available. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

What is the application and enrollment process?

1-1 Coaching starts with an initial interest questionnaire and then a phone call to ensure a good fit. Upon agreement, a Terms of Engagement contract will be sent and returned with a signature and payment. The first coaching call can be scheduled at the convenience of participant and coach.

The Skills + Integration program begins with an application from the participant and then a phone call to ensure a good fit. Upon agreement, a Terms of Engagement contract will be sent and returned with a signature and payment. Group Meeting availability will be assessed and meeting dates distributed. Online community access will be granted and an email previewing the first month’s training and coaching will be sent. The first 1-1 coaching call will be scheduled, and service delivery will begin.

Are the group trainings and coaching in-person or remote?

If you are located in or near Sonoma County, you can join an in-person group. Participants will take turns hosting one meeting at their company (no additional costs assumed – just a meeting space from those who have one).

Remote groups will be created with ten or less participants with live (not recorded) training and coaching services.

I want to participate! But how do I get my boss on board?

Here’s a helpful email template to make your request!

Request for Leadership Development email template

I have another question

Get in touch with Elaina ASAP at 707 / 292 – 8761.

*ON DEMAND COACHING will be scheduled at earliest convenience for both participant and coach.

GROUP COACHING will be limited to groups of 10 people, allowing for active participation of all participants.