When you live the inspired life, you feel alive and connected to your true self, others and the world. You are filled with energy that naturally radiates upon those you meet. You inspire others without thinking about it and you dive into life, experiencing reality at its best. You’re present, free to be yourself and leading your life with intention and fulfillment.

This incredible true happiness is always within your reach!

8 Choices You Can Make to Live the Inspired Life

1. Tend to and grow your Inspiration, Goal and Bucket Lists

Keeping your Inspiration, Goal and Bucket Lists top of mind is a choice and a practice. Just like practicing gratitude, tending to and growing your lists will bring you closer to indulging in inspiration, achieving your goals, and crossing off those epic bucket list items that may otherwise remain in your future.

Creating your inspiration list is fun and a great exploration of who you truly are and the combination of intricacies that make us unique.

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2. Try something new

Inspiration surges when we try something new. When we try a new food, whether we love it or don’t like it, we still feel inspired. Not only do we feel more adventurous and interesting, but we are discovering ourselves with every bite.

By knowing additional information about what we like and don’t like, we are furthering our connection with and under-standing of ourselves. There’s so much we can learn about ourselves that we can never know unless we try something new! It seems simple, and it is! It’s a fun and easy shortcut to getting to know your true self.


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3. Learn something New

Learning something new is a larger commitment than trying something new, but it offers lifelong benefits. Whether you want to learn a language, a new cooking skill, a new hobby or a new sport, learning something new keeps our brains active and our inspiration piqued.

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4. Focus on the Why

We’ve covered the purpose of focusing on the why, so now we have to practice it. If we want to lose weight, we have to connect with something deeper than being able to fit in our desired pant size. If we want to stop a bad habit, we have to focus on more than simply not doing it.

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5. Stop entertaining "I'll be happy when's"

Decide not to entertain “I’ll be happy when’s” any longer. When we find ourselves allowing a person, event or outcome to hold our happiness hostage, we have to literally catch ourselves and decide to accept ourselves as we are.

If you notice yourself thinking an “I’ll be happy when,” replace it with something inspiring that brings you to the present. Make your experience of life about the journey, not the destination.

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6. Lead decisions in your life

No one can run your life better than you, but if we’re not feeling confidently connected to our true selves, we might feel otherwise. Instead of leaning on others who are willing to lead our lives for us, we must honor ourselves by choosing to be more involved in decisions that impact our lives. Just because we can let others make decisions or take care of us doesn’t mean it is feeding our true selves and helping us show up fully in our own lives.

Leading our lives may include decisions to stop deflecting small decisions, like where to meet or what to have for dinner. We may need to create more independence by learning or enhancing skills, whether critical thinking skills, how to cook or how to fix a running toilet. Leading our lives might also mean saying “no” more often. We must become assertive and aware about ways we can create opportunities to connect to and share our true selves, if only to practice honoring ourselves until it becomes our way of living.

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7. Upgrade a "happy" activity to an inspired indulgence (use the Ice Cream Test)

We know from the Ice Cream Test that sometimes we can do the same activity from a source of pursuing either happiness or inspiration. We have to practice choosing to get inspired until it becomes our natural default.

Sometimes, we’ll have to choose to make time for inspiration, but more often than not, we simply need to choose to upgrade our existing activity to one that is more inspiring.

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8. Prescribe inspiration and take your dosage

Being unhappy, you might say, “Why am I not happy? Maybe something is wrong with me.”

Being uninspired, “I’m not worried about not being inspired because that isn’t scary and certainly doesn’t mean something is wrong with me.” We don’t assume we need Prozac when we aren’t inspired because we know it’s easy to jump into an inspired activity, which is intended to be short term.

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