Making an inspiration list is an engaging way to begin focusing on inspiration and discovering what inspires you.

Our inspiration list is our go-to when we need a boost of inspiration—a menu of sorts—especially if we’re having a tough day and need a reminder of the activities we can engage in to lift our spirits and get refueled.

This April, you’ll be able to us app ub:inspired App to digitally manage your Inspiration List and connect with others who share in your inspiration, but paper or another type of digital list will work well for now!

Take at least five minutes to think about experiences that bring you positive energy and make you feel alive. List everything and anything that you enjoy, from five-second experiences to your favorite travel destinations. List tastes, smells, songs, sounds, activities, places, and moments. List free experiences and expensive experiences. List experiences you’ve had and experiences you want to have. List tangible and intangible things.

List the little things, like a beautiful view or lilacs or the smell of cinnamon. List the big things, like where you want to travel, where you want to live, and what you would do with more money (the inspirational “why”). Things you photograph or want to photograph. Give yourself plenty of room to explore everything that inspires you.

Keep your inspiration list top-of-mind and have fun with it! Add to it the minute you think of something new or when you find yourself in a surprise moment of inspiration!

You’ll find that once you start looking for inspiration, it will be abundant in your life. By giving up the quest for happiness and focusing on inspiration instead, your mind will be active, your heart will be full, and your soul will be nourished.

Check out our collection of Inspiration Lists and get inspired to make your own!

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