Just as we know when we strike a metaphorical nerve with someone, we also know immediately when we tap into what inspires them.

Boring talk and simple answers transform into fireworks of enthusiastic stories. Faces noticeably light up. Excitement and energy flow freely between the words.

Whether it’s a potential new client, a date, or family member, discovering what inspires someone is fun, interesting, and can spark inspiration in us, too. There is a clear, noticeable moment when you can see someone shift from surface conversation into their true selves, enlivening with inspiration.

Here are some questions that can help us tap into getting to know a person’s true self. Note that if a response is related to other people rather than the speaker, follow up by asking about something they do or could do alone. For instance, a mother might respond that watching her son play baseball inspires her, which shows her love for being a parent and her admiration for her son. That’s a great start. But we can go deeper into the personal part of what inspires her by finding out what she does or could do on her own without it being related to family time. It’s easy to lose ourselves in what inspires our children, but it’s important we continue to tap into our own inspired secret world that’s just for us.

1) If you had two extra hours a day to spend doing something by yourself, what would you do?
2) If you had two extra hours a day to spend doing something with others, what would you do?
3) Where do you want to travel?
4) What are your top three favorite days or experiences in life so far?
5) What do you do that makes you smile the most?
6) What’s on your bucket list?
7) If you could do anything for three days without physical or financial constraints, how would you spend those three days?
8) What’s your favorite view?
9) What’s your favorite smell?
10) What do you love doing that you enjoy sharing with or teaching others?
11) Who inspires you and why?
12) If you could wake up tomorrow and live a day in someone else’s life, who would it be and why?
13) What do you do that brings you energy?
14) What do you do that makes you feel good about yourself?
15) If you could download five new skills, hobbies, talents, languages, professions, learning them with the click of a button, what would they be?
16) Over what challenges have you triumphed?
17) If you had to spend five minutes looking at an in-animate object, what would it be?
18) In what scenario, real or imaginary, could you imagine yourself feeling completely free?
19) What song have you listened to most in your life and why?
20) Whom or what activity got you through a challenging time?
21) What inspires you to feel positive?

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