“Inspiration is how we both completely lose and definitively find ourselves,” -Elaina Marie.

Get inspired to live your happiest life right now! Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Insteadbreaks down the myths of the happiness we’ve come to know, expect and accept and reveals inspiration as the tool to unlock the true happiness we all desire and deserve. Together, using inspiration as our guide, we’ll leave the elusive path to happiness behind and instead explore the steps to true, immediate and lasting happiness:


  1. Stop Settling for the Happiness We’ve Come to Know, Expect and Accept
  2. Discover the Power of Inspiration
  3. Discover What Inspires You to Re-Discover Your True Self
  4. Apply Inspiration to Every Part of Your Life
  5. Break through the 10 Ceilings of Happiness
  6. Live the Inspired Life

If you’re feeling stuck or just want to enjoy more out of your daily experience of life, this guide will refresh you with the inspiration and tools we all need to live our happiest and healthiest life – the inspired life!

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