While happiness feels light and blissful, inspiration feels energizing, focused, empowering, exhilarating, challenging, creative, driven, or stimulating.

When we are inspired, we feel alive, free and connected to our true selves.

Being inspired is a form of authentic positive energy and emotion felt immediately as we indulge in and celebrate what we love and enjoy about life. Seeking inspiration is a much easier and actionable choice than trying to choose to “be happy.” Living the inspired life means you’ll seek inspiration and you’ll attract inspiration. Before you know it, inspiration will surprise and delight you everywhere, and you’ll find yourself living your inspired life!

Inspiration gives us confidence because it can’t be judged. When we share our inspired selves, being authentic and vulnerable becomes easier and being truly “seen” becomes possible. And being truly “seen” is the only way we can be truly loved.

There are three attributes inherently required to feel inspired: being connected to our true selves, acting in honor of our true selves, and being present. We can summon the life-changing benefits of these attributes by simply choosing to dive into and inspired moment!

Inherent Inspiration Pre-Requisite: Being Present

Inspiration is how we completely lose and definitively find ourselves in the present. When you are breathing in the aroma of your favorite coffee, witnessing a breathtaking view, mountain biking on your favorite trail, or about to cross the finish line in your first marathon, you don’t needing anything more in the moment to feel fulfilled.

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Inherent Inspiration Pre-Requisite: Being Connected to Our True Selves

The only source for true inspiration is our true selves. We have to be connected to our true selves to live our lives authentically on the path that speaks to our deepest wants, needs and desires. If we are feeling inspired, it is our true selves shining through in pure self-expression. Feeling inspired is our glimmer of truth and self when we’ve lost that connection.

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